Message from a Soldier to a Lonely Girl

“Hello Darling how are you are you lonesome for me are you just like the girl on the picture laying down and thinking of me and having sweet memories of me come to your thought bye bye darling and sweet dreams, love and hugs be good girl xxxxxxx”

There is no information from the soldier on the back, but there is a great “amphibious training center” postmark from Tallahassee, Florida. Amphibious training would be practicing beach landings. Camp Gordon Johnston was 60 miles southwest of Tallahassee and where thousands upon thousands of soldiers partook in amphibious training.

Trying to find amphibious training postcards on eBay isn’t too easy (ones mailed by soldiers that is!) There are only a handful that come up, even when searching in the description. The most common is a card for the amphibious training base in Little Creek, Virginia with army tanks driving out of a crocodile’s open mouth.

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4 Responses to Message from a Soldier to a Lonely Girl

  1. Mandy says:

    It is addressed to a “Mrs”… perhaps the soldier’s wife?

  2. Harrise C. Kall says:

    LOVE this card!!

  3. postcardy says:

    That’s a good one. The card is nice to begin with and the message is easy to read and fits the image.

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