Protecting Your Postcards

Currently I am looking into getting fireproof/waterproof safes for my postcards. Does anyone keep their postcards in anything special in case something unfortunate were to happen? I am interested to know what people use, if anything. They are pretty expensive for some small sizes. What would be ideal is a big fireproof gun safe, but those are well over $1,000!

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5 Responses to Protecting Your Postcards

  1. Louise Wile says:

    we’d have to build safes around two houses…. have about 500K cards …. nothing is that important, compared to human life, — we do have renters insurance for office & home insurance but that would not replace anything… not the $100. Real Photo cards I have carefully collected. Can’t worry about it or lose sleep. Just have a lot of smoke detectors and do not live in flood zone. I don’t know what bigger dealers do, except insure with a special rider on home insurance. Most of what we own is in inventory. worry more about theft at postcard shows, actually. no insurance for that!

  2. Louise Wile says:

    If I were a collector only, $1,000 would not be much to cover — that’s 1000 dollar cards or 100 $100 cards, – definitely worth the price if all you have would fit into such a safe. I should probably make photocopies or scans of the more valuable cards & keep off-site, just in case. but that would require having another life.

  3. Louise Wile says:

    oops… TEN $100 cards… was thinking last night if your cards are in a safe, it would be hard to enjoy them, as you’d have to get them out to look at. People have truly valuable collections & they are just in albums, but maybe some people do scan and put copies on a disk or flash drive.

    • moore5145 says:

      that’s true- I have them in binders right now and they are easy to look at. If they are locked away then they can’t be enjoyed as much.

      • Dr. Maher says:

        If you do get a safe (new or used) be sure to have a dehumidfier to keep the contents dry…I lost some sentimental letters and documents yrs ago when I first got our safe. Now I use a simple plastic dehumidifier that one can buy at the supermarket and I change it once a yr. Yours, Dr. M

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