Dunking Of You

Red cross canteens were set up during World War I as a place for soldiers to eat while travelling and being away from home. They started popping up again during World War II for the same reason in clubs, near train stations, military airfields, and clubmobiles overseas. The card above is from a Red Cross Canteen in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Howdy! I’ve been dunking of you at the Red Cross Canteen in Phoenix, Arizona.” My favorite part on the card is the little cactus at the bottom left that says “And we in Phoenix were mighty proud to have your boy visit us.”

The card was sent in 1944 from Corporal Honeyman to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Waitman in Dayton, Ohio.

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3 Responses to Dunking Of You

  1. Louise Wile says:

    nice military comic… I have some of the Red Cross cards from WW I.

  2. Christine says:

    I especially like the little cactus in the lower left corner with his greeting.

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