Postcard Stand at the Chicago World’s Fair

Today’s post doesn’t revolve around an actual postcard in my collection, but instead one of my photos. As we all know, postcards could be purchased at the Chicago World’s Fair and were sent from visitors to loved ones.

In this photograph you can see a tower from the Sky Ride to the left, the Avenue of Flags straight ahead a little ways away, and the Sears Roebuck building to the right. But you can also see something else off to the right, something I never noticed until one day a couple months ago I was carefully going through all my photos from the fair:

A postcard stand! 25 postcards for 10 cents! You can see the variety offered. The sign also says “Everything Must be Sold Below Cost!” This makes me think the photo was taken towards the closing of the fair in 1934. I will also surmise that if these stands were not throughout the fair, then they were at least at each entrance. Note: Also of interest is a sign to the left of the stand that says “Today’s Events.”

So that is where fairgoers would buy their postcards.

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3 Responses to Postcard Stand at the Chicago World’s Fair

  1. Louise Wile says:

    wow, great photo! It was still the Depression, so they probably wanted to sell cards — “below cost” — reminds me of stores “going out of business.” Hard to imagine people had so much money, they could afford to go to a world’s fair.

  2. Mandy says:

    Wow, that’s a neat find!

    Do you happen to know where the Century of Progress Station was located? I have quite a few fair cards that bear a “Century of Progress Station” postal cancellation. I would imagine you could purchase postcards there, too.

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