There are two different series done by Dwig for Tuck about toasts. This is series number 128, Toasts for Occasions. On average, these usually go for $10-$25 on eBay depending on the card. I do not have too many of them, only 2. There are always multiple bidders on them.

To the left is a girl pouring wine into a little person whose head is the globe. The toast is “Here’s to the whole world, for fear some fool may take offence.” It was mailed in 1914.

Below is a toast that says “May bad luck follow you all your days and never overtake you.” There is a woman walking with two little cherubs, one is dressed as a police man and the other looks like cupid with a basket full of hearts.


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One Response to Toasts

  1. Louise Wile says:

    if you look up the TUCK database website, you can view all the cards in the set. It’s a fabulous database.

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