Mary Washington Hospital

The Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia had its cornerstone laid on April 14, 1899, which was a “piece of the old Mary Washington monument.”

The History of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia was written by Silvanus Jackson Quinn in 1908. He described the hospital as follows:

“The house faces the east and is a modest structure, with a porch in front and an extension on the west end. Two rooms open upon the entrance hall, one of which is the operating room, the other the especial room for a single patient. Back of this is a hall, running north and south, beyond which is the kitchen, matron’s room, bath-room, and store rooms; cellar beneath for wood and such articles as can be kept there. In the extensions are respectively the two large, well-lighted and ventilated rooms for the men’s and women’s wards.”

He noted since the article was written, the hospital became bigger and was improved. Today, the hospital is up to today’s standards:

The card was sent to Amelia in 1921.

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