Artist Signed Benjen Easter Cards

Easter season is here, so here are two artist signed Easter cards by Benjen. The poem on the card above says “I’m glad that Easter’s here, With all the joy and cheer, When one gets a brand new hat and a frock, and things like that.” The card was mailed in 1913 and was given to me by my uncle.

Both that girl and the one below have big Easter hats on, and the card below has a poem about her hat too. “At Easter-tide I love to stride along the avenue, and place on view my bonnet new! Don’t you?” This card was mailed 1915 and was given to me by my mom.

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4 Responses to Artist Signed Benjen Easter Cards

  1. Harrise C. Kall says:

    Either one could be a winner for our next meeting!!!!

  2. Louise Wile says:

    never did thank you for purchasing my HTL card at the SJ meeting. Won’t be at many meetings, as I am moving & need to spend all my non-work time getting rid of stuff in this house so we can move into much smaller house. We are doing a bottle show on 4.15, so won’t be there, anyway, – working this weekend, getting ready for Allentown.

  3. Clayton says:

    Easter almost here

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