Message from a Soldier: Ensign John A. Pyfer Jr.

This card was mailed exactly one year after Pearl Harbor by Ensign John A. Pyfer Jr. from a Naval Hospital in Norfolk, VA. His message reads:

“Dear Agnes, Gail, PeeWee & Rose: As usual I have had my shower, shaved, and have clean pj’s. It is again cloudy and cool out. Dix is having her hair washed or something this morning. I have been thinking about putting my clothes on & scooting around the building. The “doc” might say no, no, however. Mail deliveries are becoming more and more uncertain. My package & paper have not been delivered yet this morning. Love, John”

I wonder what his injury was. I found his name at a website that shows a World War II Memorial in Washington, and it shows the location of his name on the memorial, but that is all I could find on him.

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