Hand Painted Japanese Postcards

One of the cards in the lot of 1,500 I most recently purchased had a type of card I had never seen before-

an entirely hand painted postcard. The scans do not do the card justice. It is very beautiful, and it is a shame that this one is so damaged.

So I started looking on eBay for them, just typing in “painted” at first, which came up with a lot of results. Then I noticed that these are from Japan, because the majority of listings said so, and there are Japanese characters on the back right side.

So then I would only type in “painted Japan.” Most of the ones I found online were unused, but I did find one that was mailed in 1920 from Kobe, Japan to Seattle.

I like these cards so much because they are like miniature artworks. Apparently they are pretty common, but that doesn’t matter much to me.

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5 Responses to Hand Painted Japanese Postcards

  1. Louise Wile says:

    they are very pretty…. the characters on the back spell “postcard” in Japanese. Not all postcards with those characters are from Japan, as when Japan invaded China, they kept the same characters, so it gets confusing. However, these paintings often depict Mt Fuji, or something iconic from Japan. They tend to be fragile, though, at least the ones I’ve seen, so they didn’t hold up well in the mail.

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  3. William moore says:

    I have 11 of the painted postcards, identical format, same backside. All unused, perfect condition. Marvelous works of art I agree. Uncovered from WW ll vets stuff. Should be framed as a collection I think. Interest? Value?

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