Dwig To My Valentine Series

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday! So to start off this important holiday postcard season, this is Valentine Postcard Series No. 402, Dwig’s “To My Valentine.” All the cards in the series have the same border, the upper left says “To My Valentine,” and the first letter in the poem has a hear with a blue bow tied to it. The card to the left reads “If your heart is heavy Let me hold it for you.” The  girl has tossed a huge heart over the wall and it’s crushing the boy. Other cards in the series are about heartaches, fishing for a heart, breaking hearts, and more.

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One Response to Dwig To My Valentine Series

  1. Harrise C. Kall says:

    I love Dwig postcards!! They are all so different! I wonder if he made up the sayings on them too!!

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