Book Review: Art Deco Postcards

I got Art Deco Postcards by Patricia Bayer for Christmas and read the bulk of it today. It is not a long read because it is basically a picture book. There are 283 pages, which are made up of a brief introduction to the book, a brief introduction to the 7 topics of the book, images of the postcards, 8 reproduction punch out postcards, and info on the postcards at the end. All of the 264 illustrations are in color.

I just wish this book was set up a little differently. Instead of using a whole page for only one or two pictures, have the information about the postcard that is listed in the back of the book on the same page. I would be more likely to read that information when I am looking at the postcard, instead of flipping the pages back and forth. Also, some of the captions did not have a date, did have a date, did have a date and then postcard: with a date. There was no uniformity there.

The seven sections featured are World Fairs and Expositions, Public Structures, Places to Stay or Live, Places to Eat and Drink, Places of Entertainment, Places of Business and Industry, and Transport and Travel. Cards were not only from America but all over the world.

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