Covent Garden Market

One of Amelia’s cards was of the Covent Garden Market. It was sent to her by a friend in 1910. Since this card was postmarked in London I figured that’s where it was and bam! I found Covent Garden, London’s amazing website. There is a neat interactive timeline starting in the first century.

The market was not just a market where fruits and vegetables were sold, but Punch and Judy shows would go on in starting in the 1640s. You can almost feel the hustle and bustle shown in the postcard with all the crates, barrels, and shoppers shown. Today, Covent Garden is filled with bars, restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

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One Response to Covent Garden Market

  1. Louise Wile says:

    Thanks for sharing! Cool website. Covent Garden rather famous – and London is such a great place to visit. Was there in mid-1970s, to Covent Garden, also. So much history!

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