Nimble Nicks

Nimble Nicks were something I bought when I first started collecting. I still like to keep an eye out for ones I don’t have. They are Whitney cards, and Nimble Nicks are dressed as miniature Santas.

The above card shows Nimble Nicks playing, and the caption reads: “These gay Nimble Nicks have come to say I wish you loads of fun on Christmas Day.” It was postmarked 1915 in Kalamazoo.

A couple years ago I had found a great online article explaining the origin of Nimble Nicks. Nimble Nicks are Santa’s helpers in a place called Christmas Land, and are not only found on postcards. There were books about Nimble Nicks, but finding a book on them today would be challenging, as they are very rare. Sometimes you will see them on die-cut postcards, meaning the top part of the card was perforated and could be bent back, so the card would stand on its own. While I have seen die-cut Nimble Nicks before, I prefer the normal postcard Nimble Nicks.

Nimble Nicks sledding. I love the expression of the one that has fallen off the sled.

Here, the Nimble Nicks are working instead of playing. They are helping to load Santa’s bag- except for the one sleeping in the corner!

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