Twelvetrees Santas

Today is the first day of Christmas blogging, which will happen up until Christmas is over. These are some of Twelvetrees’ Santas, in series number 1034 from a publisher I am not sure of. I still need one more brown suited Santa to complete the series.

Here is a red suited Santa with a sack full of toys, sans sleigh. “I had no reindeer And I had no sleigh But I got in there Another way.” This card was postmarked in 1918 three days before Christmas.







This is another card that I consider to be a Santa, even though the caption reads: “A Merry Christmas Santa Claus is so busy this year, he got me to help him.” He’s checking lists, and the bad kids’ lists I assume are filling up the trash can. This was postmarked Christmas eve, 1912.






This brown suited Santa is my favorite. I got it at a postcard show a couple years ago in Have de Grace, MD. “Sometimes I have trouble getting down the chimney because I’m so fat, but I managed to fill your stockings.” How did he managed to fill the stockings? He is just like the first Santa, finding an alternative way to get in the houses 🙂 Postmarked Christmas day, c1912.

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