St. Charles Hotel

St. Charles Hotel in Atlantic City was located on an entire block on the Boardwalk at New Jersey Avenue.

From an old St. Charles booklet:

“The St. Charles is one of the newest and finest hotels in Atlantic City. It is located at the water’s edge, and seated on the spacious veranda which overlooks the famous Boardwalk one may almost “lay hold upon the mane of the sea.”

One essential for a first-class hotel is a position on the beach front, with an unobstructed view of the Boardwalk and the ever-entrancing sea. This the Proprietor of Atlantic City’s most beautiful hotel most fortunately secured. The location is at the foot of St. Charles Place, and on this avenue the hotel has a frontage of 300 feet. A veranda 16 feet wide extends along the ocean and western sides of the building, while the upper stores are ornamented with bay windows and balconies. An approach connects the veranda direct with the Boardwalk.

Seated on the veranda of the hotel on a Summer day, fanned by the breezes from off the sea, one may watch the antics of the bathers in the surf, the sports of the children on the strand, and the daily promenade of youth and beauty on the famous Boardwalk. In winter the veranda is partially glass enclosed.

There is an architectural elegance about the St. Charles that is unusual in a sea-shore hotel. Nowhere on the coast is there a hotel equal to it in the matter of construction and solid comfort. It is Colonial in style and complete in construction, having all the appliances of a modern first-class hotel.”

The Showboat Casino now stands where the St. Charles Hotel once was.

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