Whitney Halloween Cards

Whitney Halloween cards are some of my favorite Halloween cards. I only have 4, 2 of which were Amelia’s, but all of their Halloween cards are whimsical and cute, not scary at all. My favorite cards are a series of jack o’lanterns with an orange and black checkered border around them, and I am still trying to add some to my collection.

I got the above card on eBay for somewhere around $10, because the seller didn’t have Halloween in the title of the listing. The pumpkin boy is sitting with an owl, which looks kind of angry. This card was postmarked on October 31, 1916.

There is also a series of witches. This card has all the elements of Halloween- the witch, black cats, a jack o’lantern, and an owl. This card was postmarked October 28, 1921.

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