Hotel La Salle

Hotel La Salle interior postcards are some of my favorites. This hotel was located at La Salle and Madison streets in Chicago. It no longer stands there as it was demolished in 1976 to make way for office buildings. One postcard of the exterior in my collection advertises the hotel as “the center of the business, financial, theatre and shopping district and there is no hotel in Chicago which is more quickly or easily reached from all railway terminals. (Special Taxi-Cab Service).” That was in 1911. It was also printed on the card that the hotel is the finest hotel in Chicago. The interior postcards I am about to post sure make it look that way.




The Grand Ball Room, postmarked 1921.

The Blue Fountain Room, postmarked 1918.

The Louis XVI Dining Room, postmarked 1919.

Office and Clerk’s Desk, postmarked 1911.

The Buffet, postmarked 1911.

The Main Lobby, postmarked 1918. My second favorite of all the interiors because of the opulence.

The Red Room, postmarked 1921.

The Donatello Fountain in the Rookwood room, postmarked 1917. This is my favorite. I love the palms, art on the wall, big columns, and detailed ceiling.

The Parlor in a Presidential Suite, postmarked 1910.

The East Room, postmarked 1919.

The Writing Room, postmarked 1911.

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