Hotel Royal Danieli

I found this postcard at one of my favorite antique shops for only a $1. Even though it doesn’t fit into any categories I collect, I liked it  and it is now in my miscellaneous binder. This is an interior of the Hotel Royal Danieli in Venice. This hotel was built in the late 14th century as a palace and turned into a a place for lodging in the 18th century. This 233 room hotel still accomodates travelers today.

It was postmarked in 1920 in Venice and sent to New Hampshire. The message reads: “This is the entrance view of my hotel. You really must come here some day- it is perfectly beautiful. I’m going to take a motor-boat ride and see the town. Best wishes to you all- IBH.”

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3 Responses to Hotel Royal Danieli

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  2. Linda Randall says:

    Love the image. Is there any copyright on this? I would like to use it for my biography of John Ruskin’s wife. She stayed there in the nineteenth century.

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