Promenade in Floral Garden, Garfield Park, Chicago

The above card is my favorite V.O. Hammon card. It shows the promenade in the floral garden of Garfield Park. It’s my favorite because I like the flowers, and this is also an advertising card for the Chicago Rubber Company.

The message from the Chicago Rubber Co. says “Our Mr. S.E. Truax will call on or about 3/30/08. Wait as you always have done. Our rubbers are better than ever. “American and Para” “Woonsocker-Rhode Island” and “Colonial” brands. Tennis and yachting shoes. Combinations wool boots and socks, rubber mackintosh, cravenette and tower’s oil clothing. All kinds rubber goods.” This was sent to Stephen Johnson in Aurora, Illinois.

This card was postmarked in 1908. Just one year later “In 1909, the Chicago offices of Central Rubber Co., Banigan Rubber Co., and Standard Rubber Shoe Co. were consolidated in the Chicago Rubber Company, and the name of the branch became Chicago Branch, United States Rubber Company.” The United States Rubber Company became Uniroyal Inc. in 1961, which was then acquired in 1990 by Michelin. What a long way the Chicago Rubber company has come!

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