An Interview With a Postcard Collector

This Collectors Weekly article from November 2008 was an interview with a postcard collector who volunteered at the Wisconsin Historical Society. This article is good for beginners because Ann, the interviewee, answers questions about what kinds of postcards are considered rare, different materials used for postcards, clubs, and specialization in topics.

Ann herself collects Madison, Wisconsin postcards because she moved to Madison in 1964. She mentioned that a lot of people collect their hometown. I always hear people at shows asking for random towns in a state. I do not collect my hometown because it would probably consist of about 20 postcards, and whenever I see them at a show they are real photo and expensive.

Ann also collects modern postcards, because they’ll be considered vintage 20 years from now. This is good thinking. A lot of people today collect modern postcards through sites like At Postcrossing, you send and receive postcards from all over the world. I do not use this site, because it can get costly- postage and the cost of the cards. I would rather buy vintage.

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