World’s Fair Exhibit: Sinclair’s Dinosaurs

“The Dinosaur Exhibit built by the Sinclair Refining Company at the 1933-34 World’s Fair in Chicago is the first attempt to recreate out-of-doors a portion of the earth’s surface and animal life as they existed 100 million years ago. Brontosaurus reproduced life-size is the largest animated animal in the world. In life he bulked 40 tons and was 70 feet long.”

This was a very fun and popular exhibit at the fair. It was located next to the Firestone Building and the Garden of Comfort. Sinclair Oil Company wanted their exhibit to have dinosaurs at the fair because during the Mesozoic Age, when dinosaurs existed, oil was formed. Ferns and palms that the dinosaurs used to eat would turn into oil when they fell away and were under pressure.

The dinosaurs, including a stegosaurus, T-Rex, and protoceratops among others, had moving heads and eyes. The dinosaurs had a steel skeleton and were covered in plaster, cloth, and rubber. These dinosaurs proved challenging to make for the creators because they had to last outside for a long period of time and hold up in the rain.

Fun Fact: In the show Dinosaurs, the baby is named Sinclair.

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6 Responses to World’s Fair Exhibit: Sinclair’s Dinosaurs

  1. Jared says:

    Wow, it seems like a 1930’s version of Jurassic Park. My uncle, who was at the fair, told me that one of the longnecks malfunctioned and a fire nearly star.

  2. Thanks, We were wondering why he dinosaur became Sinclair’s mascot just the other day. I did notice that photo, or one very similar among my mother’s collection.


  3. Jeremy says:

    Anybody know where the dinos are now?

    • moore5145 says:

      I am 98% sure they are demolished. Everything from the fair is gone except for the houses (Florida House, House of Tomorrow, etc.) which were relocated to Beverly Shores, Indiana, and a column from the ruins of a Roman Temple given by the Italian government, which is still in Chicago.

  4. A Feistner says:

    Glad I found this website. I found a picture of my grandfather and grandmother in front of this exhibit and could just make out “Sinclair” on the sign and found it using a google search.

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