Arizona Biltmore Hotel

I found this postcard of the swimming pool and cabanas of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel at the last postcard show I went to in a 25 cent box. I bought it even though it doesn’t fit into any categories I collect because I liked it’s bright colors and it was only 25 cents. The description on the back reads:

“The Arizona Biltmore is one of America’s finest winter resort hotels, built by P.K. Wrigley, whose palatial mansion may be seen on the hilltop at the upper left, it is the focal point in the residential area Biltmore Estates, facing an 18-hole golf course with bathing casino, pool and cabanas to the east, and stone bungalows for guests interspersed among the beautiful patios and gardens which surround it.”

The Arizona Biltmore still exists today in Phoenix, Arizona. The website boasts that this pool, built in 1930, was Marilyn Monroe’s favorite. Also, this is the only hotel in the world with “a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design.”

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2 Responses to Arizona Biltmore Hotel

  1. modemjunkie says:

    Of course, Wright did design and build the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, which survived WWII without damage but was, sadly, razed, in the ’60s. See,,_Tokyo#Second_Imperial_Hotel_1923-1968 . Here in Oak Park, home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, a local developer wanted to build a replica over a freeway, but that’s not going to happen.

  2. The pool also used Catalina tiles. An industry that Wrigley created on Catalina Island to keep the year round employed.

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