Interesting Postcard Message- Frank Keenan

This postcard, mailed in 1954, reads: “My friend Frank Keenan is the Democratic Candidate for Assessor. Frank is well qualified and merits your vote. Mrs. Irene Maulin”

I was interested to see if Frank Keenan ended up winning. In a TIME article from May 13, 1957, I saw he had won, and something else. “Last week Cook County Assessor Frank Keenan, the most powerful G.O.P. officeholder in the Chicago area, was indicted on income tax charges. A pro-Eisenhower Democratic governor came charging to Washington to prevent the tax prosecution of a state political bigwig. Within two weeks a Justice Department letter went to the U.S. attorney involved: “Go ahead and prosecute.”” Notice he switched from being a Democrat, as mentioned in the postcard, to a Republican. “He refused to vacate the assessor’s office because the case was on appeal an had to be carried out bodily in his chair.”

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