Navy Pier

Promenade Deck, Municipal Pier, Chicago. Postmarked 1922

The Navy Pier in Chicago, once known as the Municipal Pier as seen in the postcard above, was constructed in 1914 at an original cost of $5,000,000. It served as a place for passenger and freight ships to come in.

Today, the Navy Pier is home to a Bubba Gump’s Restaurant, souvenir shops, an IMAX theater, and you can take lunch and dinner cruises on different boats.

The above postcard is postmarked 1948, with a description on the back that reads: “The Navy Pier is the Largest Commercial and Pleasure Pier in the world, built and controlled by the city of Chicago and is located at the mouth of the Chicago River. It is three quarter of a mile in length and is devoted to commercial and recreational purposes, all the features of which are under Municipal control, open night and day free to the Public. The pier was built of five million dollars and was constructed under the supervision of America’s most able engineers.”

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