Interesting Postcard Messages- Come See the Comet

I have two postcards from the same sender, Mae in Chicago, who sent the cards to her friends S. Berry and M. Woodland in Barberton, Ohio. The first message reads:

“My Dear Friend, I arrived all O.K., have met a number of my old friends; if you girls would come up here you could see the comet fine. I saw it the other evening, kind regards from your friend Mae.”

The second reads: “My Dear Friend how are you? Have you seen the comet yet- I had a fine view the other evening, but it was not worth while to sit up all night watching for it. Come up some evening and see it. Your friend Mae.”

These cards were sent May 31, 1910. This comet was probably Halley’s comet. According to, on May 19, 1910, Earth passed through the comet’s tail. The comet was closest and brightest May 14th through May 22nd. Halley’s comet returns every 74-79 years, and is predicted to be back in July 2061.

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