South Jersey Postcard Club Postcard Show

Yesterday I attended a postcard show in Mount Laurel, NJ. When I tell people I am going to a postcard show, they have no idea what that means. Do I go there to sell cards, just look at cards, buy anything?

I go there to buy, and I take my checklists with me. I have a clipboard with World’s Fair checklists, an Atlantic City linen series checklist, a months of the year checklist, and more. I show up, sometimes you pay admission, sometimes the shows are free- yesterday was free. One feature of this particular postcard show I like is voting on a compilation of cards with a common theme. Shown is fresh strawberries, 1909 New Year’s, and parts of other boards. I voted for “A Whitney Halloween”, which you can see part of.

Once you enter the show it is a large room with tables and dealers everywhere, and tens of thousands of postcards. Below is an example of how the boxes are divided up.

57 postcards later, I came home a happy girl after about 2 and a half hours there. Most of the cards I got were Chicago, and I got a few Twelvetrees and Dwig too.

Pergola, near Administration Building, Washington Park, Chicago. Postmarked 1914.

Oriental Village, Chicago World’s Fair. I love the bright colors! Postmarked 1933.

Dutch Boy by Twelvetrees. I never had any Twelvetrees Dutch kids before this show, and I’ve always liked them! Can’t read postmark.

August girl in Dwig’s Zodiac series. This was the best find for me, because these are always so hard for me to find. This card made the show for me! Postmarked 1913.

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2 Responses to South Jersey Postcard Club Postcard Show

  1. Sheila D'Avino says:

    Thanks for the great writeup on the South Jersey Postcard Club Show! I have a Chicago card that you might be interested in. Please e-mail me, and I’ll send you a scan.

  2. Frank Archibald says:

    I have a Whitney made post card halloween greeting, wanted to find some info about it I can email you a picture if interested. My email address is

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