College Girls

In the spirit of finals week almost ending, this post is about the College Girl series, published by Ullman Manufacturing Co. Colleges shown in this series include University of Chicago, Leland Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and possibly Brown.

There are a variety of College Girl series along with baseball players, football players, and a series featuring a boy and girl with the school’s cheer. Not all are published by Ullman. A popular College Girls artist is F. Earl Christy, a Philadelphia native. He is not the artist of this series.

I am still in need of the Princeton girl, and the Brown girl, if she exists. All the ones I have are undivided back, postmarked in 1906 and 1907. The cards were copyrighted in 1905.

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2 Responses to College Girls

  1. Glenn Zorpette says:

    I suspect you’ve already learned this but, yes, there is a Brown University F. Earl Christy postcard:
    It is the same as the Princeton University F. Earl Christy card. Just different colors.

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