Young’s Residence, Million Dollar Pier, Atlantic City

I love this card- all the statues on the lawn, the house is right on the water, the landscaping. This is Captain John Young’s villa in Atlantic City. The location is at the end of Arkansas Avenue on the Million Dollar Pier. Captain Young started out as a poor man who fished and did carpentry in the fishing off season. He bought Applegate Pier and held onto it for several years before selling it for a million dollars to a corporation. After this he built a concrete pier and called it the Million Dollar Pier, where his home was built.

The description of it on the back of the card reads:

“Private Residence of Captain John L. Young. Construction, concrete. Cost $70,000. Fifteen feet of water in cellar. Interior, natural oak trim. Dining-room decorations representing the depth of the ocean to the heavens. Reception hall surrounded by plate glass, back of which are embedded butterflies from all nations of the world. Over 3000 electric bulbs at night illuminate the exterior of the building. The Statuary in the Italian Garden are as follows: Adam and Eve under the apple tree, Diana, Ariadne, Harmonia, Beauty and the Beast, Irene or Peace (Pax).” The card is postmarked 1909.

To read an article from 1910 about Captain Young (information in the first paragraph is from it) and his house click here.

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