Book Review: The Golden Age of Postcards

The Golden Age of Postcards by Benjamin Penniston is the first book on postcards I ever bought. I like it because it features a variety of cards divided by topic throughout the book, such as “We’re going to the beach,” “My anthropomorphic friends,” and “Auld Lang Syne.”

The layout is nice. All the cards are in color. I am someone who likes uniformity, and every section starts the same- before every section it lists artists and publishers featured in the section with some information about them. If the name was used in a previous section, instead of a description it will say “see (topic name)”. I think it would be better is there was a glossary in the back with all the artist and publisher information there.

A customer review from Barnes and Noble said “It’s just a picture book – not valuable for learning about the history of the cards. Very little detail. Definitely for a beginner.” The reason I mention this is because the reviewer said this along with one star, and after I bought and read the book I wrote a review on B&N in defense of it. Just because it is for beginners (which it is) doesn’t mean it is bad. And it’s not just pictures, there is a range of prices given for every card, and the artist & publisher information. And, how much detail can you have when you are featuring so many different subjects of postcards.

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