New Sister Instead of a Live Bunny

This postcard, postmarked March 30, 1923, was sent to my grandfather’s brother Madison, who was known as Uncle Matt. The message reads: “This little bunny is for a good boy. Wish I could send you a live one but you have a new sister instead. Aunt Emma.” This message made me laugh. I’d rather have the bunny if I were Matt 😀 This new baby sister was my grandfather’s sister Doris. A year later, in 1924, my grandfather was born.

The card is published by the Gibson Art Company from Cincinatti. They also publish the Birthday Flower girls by Dulk I did a post on before.

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3 Responses to New Sister Instead of a Live Bunny

  1. Caroline Liddell says:

    I bought this same postcard(it too was posted in 1923-but doesn’t have the same sweet personal family history behind it.)I fell in love with the soft pastels this artist used,and have bought another by the same unknown artist. Do you know who painted these lovely,blurry Spring landscapes?I would love to know!I have tentatively identified examples of his/her? work amongst Gibson,and(i think)Stecher Easter postcards.I would be grateful for any light you(or your readers) can shed on this artist’s identity and history.

    • moore5145 says:

      Sorry, but I am not sure who the artist of this card is 😦 Maybe someone will see your comment and know more; I have very few Gibson cards, the ones I do have are the flower birthday girl series signed by M. Dulk, which you can also see on here at

      • Caroline Liddell says:

        Thank you for responding to my post; i appreciate that you’re trying to help me identify this artist. I knew it was a long shot to ask anyone to ID a very old,unsigned postcard’s artist. But,as a new collector,i am very much aware that almost everyone in this community probably knows more about the subject than i do!So,i thought it worthwhile to ask if better-informed folk could ID this artist .I guess part of collecting old works is accepting that they may never be identified.This is not the 1st time,(even in my scant collecting experience),-that i’ve fallen for the works of a mystery artist whose name is obscured by time.Thank you for trying to help recover some of these lost artists, and to put names to their works.-Caroline

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