Titanic Postcard Sold for 9,000 Pounds

I always like to find random articles about postcards in the news because it is not something you can find all the time. Back in 2002, a postcard with a menu of the April 12 breakfast to be served on the Titanic sold for 9,000 pounds at auction.

“ONE of the world’s rarest postcards fetched almost triple its estimated price at an auction in Warwick yesterday.

The picture postcard, listing the Titanic breakfast menu of April 12, 1912, and which was bought on the ill-fated liner, was sold to a private collector for pounds 9,000.

It’s estimated price was pounds 3,500.

Colin Such, of auctioneers Warwick and Warwick, in Millers Road, said: “It has gone to a collector who lives in the country so the card will not be going abroad. It has gone to a good home.”

“Anything to do with the Titanic always catches people’s attention.

“Of course, the film of the same name helped, but there have been other shipping disasters on the same scale, but they don’t have the attention the Titanic does.”

The card was mailed to England from Queenstown, in Ireland, four days before the liner collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic, and sank.

It was sent by crew-member Jacob William Gibbons, a second-class saloon steward. He was on his first sailing and one of the few crew members who survived the disaster.

Mr Gibbons’ family attended the auction and Mr Such said they were satisfied the card was in good hands.

The 2nd-class breakfast menu shown included grilled ox kidneys and bacon, fresh fish and rolled oats.

Interest surrounding the card has prompted other buyers and sellers to contact the auction house and a Titanic-themed auction is planned for July.”

Link to the article is here.

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