At the Fair Postcard Message- Travel and Transport Building

This World’s Fair card is one of the first ones I ever bought. The message reads: “Dear Mrs. Bennett- You would love this building- we saw the the first pullman train and the newest aluminum one- also one of the newest airplanes- United Air Lines- which I may get a ride in to N.Y. Wouldn’t that be “gee-rand”- Make N.Y. in five hours- about 180 mi. per hour. Hope you are feeling better, Lib.” The card was postmarked August 11, 1934.

There are so many things going for the back of this card. The message gives insight as to what the building actually contained, the handwriting looks neat, there’s a Century of Progress postmark, and there’s a cool Yosemite stamp that I have never seen on another card before.

What seems funniest about this message is that five hours is such a short time to get from Chicago to New York, I am assuming Lib meant New York City. Nowadays, it only takes about two hours.

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