V.O. Hammon Publishers

V.O. Hammon Chicago cards are hands down my favorite Chicago cards ever produced. The cards always look to me like they are not far from being an actual color photograph. V.O. Hammon was a publisher located at  215 Wabash Avenue, Chicago that did postcards of various cities and towns in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and a few other Midwestern states. Not much information can be found on them, but MetroPostcard had a small blurb: “A major publisher of tricolor view-cards of the Great Lakes region. They also published novelty cards. Most of their cards tend to have a distinct look as they were printed in crisp RGB colors with small red block lettering.”

Harper Memorial Library, University of Chicago. Postmarked 1915

Scene in Sunken Garden in New Section of Humboldt Park, Chicago. Postmarked 1913

View from South Veranda, Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago. Postmarked 1911

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3 Responses to V.O. Hammon Publishers

  1. postcardy says:

    I collect Minneapolis postcards so I have a lot of Hammon postcards too. Your comment about them looking like color photographs is interesting. I have thought of them as being the least photographic of the old postcards because the don’t show evidence of the black and white photograph they are based on. It would be interesting to know how they di differently from other postcard printers and how they achieved this effect.

  2. Chris says:

    I have only ever found one here in Europe, an interior of the Hotel La Salle, I will be looking out for more.

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