National Cupids

The first Charles Twelvetrees cards I started to collect were the National Cupids, series number 75. They are published by Ullman Manufacturing Co., just like the Sunbonnets. There are a total of 12 countries- Italy, Germany, France, Ireland, England, Canada, Mexico, China, Holland, Scotland, Spain, and the United States.

The ones I still need to complete my series are in italics. The first one I ever won was England on Ruby Lane. It is also one of the few cards in my collection with glitter on it. These cards are hard to search for because of the fact that not many people realize these are done by Twelvetrees. They also fit in a variety of categories- Children, Cherubs, Valentine’s Day, and individual countries. The Ireland one can be placed under St. Patty’s Day, United States under patriotic cards, etc. The search for these will continue for a long time.

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3 Responses to National Cupids

  1. Eva Johnson says:

    I do have the Holland postcard and would consider selling it to you to complete your collection. It is one of many vintage postcards that belonged to my grandmother.



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