Sunbonnets Days of the Week

The first series I started collecting at postcard shows was the Sunbonnets days of the week, published by Ullman Manufacturing Co. There were several of the days in Amelia’s collection, but they were badly damaged. Ullman has published lots of fun series, and one of their in house artists was Bernhardt Wall, who is the artist of this and several other sunbonnet cards.

Each day of the week features a sunbonnet girl doing a different chore. Monday is wash, Tuesday (right) is ironing, Wednesday is mending clothes, Thursday is cooking, Friday is cleaning, Saturday is going to market, and Sunday is going to church.

All of the days I have are undivided back and postmarked in 1906, with one in 1907. Often they have writing on the front because of this.

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2 Responses to Sunbonnets Days of the Week

  1. Fan says:

    I have a set from Monday through Friday, and on the back of them, it has THIS SPACE MAY BE USED FOR CORRESPONDENCE ON AND AFTER MARCH 1ST 1907, will you be able to tell me how much is the current value for this 5 postcards? It’s on used, but each one has a small piece of paper stick on it.

    • moore5145 says:

      It depends on the condition, like are the corners bent, creasing, paper flaking, etc. All 7 together would add a little bit to the value, but I see on eBay these cards listed for $2-$5 a piece.

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