Twelvetrees WWI Postcards

I have had this post scheduled for today for awhile, and it just so happens that yesterday the last American WWI soldier passed away. You can find information about Frank Buckles all over the internet right now.  I read about him on the New York Times. He was 110 years old and an Army ambulance driver in France.

Mr. Buckles represents one of the 70 million military personnel that took part in the Great War. Starting in the summer of 1914 and lasting until 1918, more than 9 million were killed. When I think of World War I, I think of trench warfare. All Quiet on the Western Front is a great book from the viewpoint of a German soldier, the author Erich Remarque, that goes into details of what trenches were like.

Charles Twelvetrees illustrated several postcards about the war. To the left is a little nurse saying “All the boys love a little “spoon””, postmarked 1917. The medic says “I’m the little handy man, Mending done while you wait” and is postmarked 1919. I think both of these cards are incredibly adorable.

The postcard below shows a wounded soldier reading a letter and saying “No blues when there’s news of you’s.” Clearly it is a WWI postcard, and what I like in addition to the image is the back. It has a “Buy a Liberty Loan Bond” stamp, so it makes me feel like this card is a double whammy in regards to WWI history. It was postmarked in 1917.

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