Dulk Birthday Flower Girls

A fun series published by the Gibson Art Company is a birthday series featuring girls dressed as different flowers- daffodils, lilacs, roses, etc. The one to the left is a girl I believe dressed in either forget me nots or blue carnations. The girl on the right looks like a rose.

The cards are signed by M. Dulk, who is not as prolific as Clapsaddle, Dwig, or Twelvetrees. If you search for him/her on eBay, you’ll only get about a page of things for sale at any given time. The reason I say him/her is because I always thought Dulk was a man, but I saw someone advertising a card from this series as being signed by Margaret Dulk. When I searched for Margaret Dulk though, that was the only page that came up, so I believe that person is incorrect. I’ve seen it happen before- people say postcards are signed by artist “Helen Twelvetrees.” Helen Twelvetrees was an actress.

The blue girl was postmarked 1920, and the red 1915. I have several others in the series as well. The one I really like but don’t have is a girl dressed as a daffodil.

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4 Responses to Dulk Birthday Flower Girls

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  2. Caroline Liddell says:

    Hi,I just followed your link,(from our previous post about the mystery Gibson Easter-Bunny Postcard artist).I may be a postcard infant,but am an old gardener,who has grown wild,+heirloom flowers since childhood.At least i can offer you some small bit of information-(as thanks for your kindness in trying to help identify our unknown Gibson artist.) Your little blue M.Dulk girl is probably a Cornflower Fairy(Centurea cyanara).The little black-tressed girl in the 2nd card wears a rose-like bonnet,but if you look at the flower at her feet,it has a blackish center;Red poppies(both Corn Poppies,and Opium)have such blackish markings at their centers.These are both older heirloom/cottage garden flowers that are not commonly seen in gardens today.It was my love for these old garden friends that steered me to vintage postcards;there i found a treasure trove of my beloved forgotten flowers. I noticed,and loved M.Dulks Flower Fairies series(that is how the seller listed them.)I’ve seen Violet,Pansy,+Wild Rose M.Dulk flower-fairy folk,but the Daffodil Girl you seek must be rarer still;id like to see her,she must be as lovely as all of the other M.Dulk Flower Girls are.I will keep an eye out for her,and will post the page to you if Daffodil Girl shows up for sale on the sites i browse;so that you can bring her home.-Caroline

    • moore5145 says:

      Thank you for all the great info! And I actually found the Daffodil girl after I did this post, you can see her here


      but thank you for keeping an eye out! She is one of my favorites.

      • Caroline Liddell says:

        Oh,she is even sweeter than i imagined she would be.Thank you for sharing her sunny Spring daffodil beauty with me.
        How wonderful that you found her at the right time for her to be a birthday gift for you.Even the card’s sentiments(+written note)were a perfect fit.!
        What a fabulous daffodil hat! She reminds me of the old nursery rhyme-;”Daffy-Down-Dilly” has come to town,”;
        “In a yellow petticoat,’n,a green gown”-(can anyone remember the rest?-my Nana read this to me long ago)..but thats what comes to mind when i see your dear little Daffodil Girl.

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