Guinea Pigs

I bought this postcard when I first started collecting because I love Guinea Pigs. It is the only card I have that has guinea pigs on it. They are sitting around a bowl of lettuce and eating it. The card has an undivided back and was postmarked in 1906.

Like I said, I love guinea pigs and I have one myself. Her name is Clementine. Guinea pigs are from south America, and are related to capybaras, which look like giant guinea pigs. Cuy is a delicacy in south America that is a wild guinea pig, so they are significantly larger than one you can buy in a pet store. When they are born, they have fur and are able to see.

It wasn’t until yesterday while looking at this card that I noticed it said “Printed in Bavaria” on the lower right corner and the lower left looks like it has a name. The first name is definitely Ernest, but the last name I’m not sure about.  It looks like it says Misteriongen, but there are no Google results for that. I tried several variations of searching for Ernest postcard artist. Looks like it will remain a mystery!

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3 Responses to Guinea Pigs

  1. postcardy says:

    I think it is Ernest Nister, London, a postcard publisher.

  2. Christine says:

    I have never seen a guinea pig postcard. It’s beautiful – and Clementine seems like a perfect name for a guinea pig. I love the sound they make.

  3. moore5145 says:

    @postcardy- Thank you! Looking at it now that is definitely what it says. It was hard to tell with the writing over it, so I thought the N was an M.
    @Christine- Thanks! They do make the cutest sounds 🙂

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