Cool Stamps on Postcards

Typically on an antique postally used postcard the stamps you find are green one cent featuring  George Washington or Ben Franklin. As I have been scanning postcards from my collection to my computer, I started a folder of cards that have unusual stamps on them. By unusual, I mean not the 98% normal green one centers mentioned above. To the right is a Twelvetrees postcard with a red one cent stamp showing a Post Office Clerk. Below it is another Twelvetrees card with a Swiss Helvetia 5 stamp.

Searching for information on these stamps and others from my “Cool Stamps” folder has proven to be challenging. There are variations on stamps that look the same such as the number of bumps along the edge, watermarks, shades of color, etc. Finding information has been no easy task. I’ve also seen that the most expensive stamp has sold for $2 million. If only I could find a stamp like that in my postcard collection!

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