Artist Charles Twelvetrees

Charles Twelvetrees was an artist who also did magazine covers for magazines like Pictorial Review and Collier’s, among others. You can find valentines by him, comics like Johnny Quack and the Van Cluck Twins, and advertising inkblotters.

You can find holiday cards by Twelvetrees, patriotic cards, a series of chubby children, the World’s Fighters, Days of the Week, the National Cupid and National Santa Claus series’.

Trying to find information about Charles Twelvetrees is no easy task. Whereas information on Clapsaddle is readily available, there is little on Twelvetrees’ personal life.  “There are cards signed with a CT mark, others that say C Twelvetrees, CH Twelvetrees, or just C. There are also many to be found that are unsigned. Earlier images (like the postcards) could be the work of the elder with the magazine illustrations and later cards being the work of Charles R…In April of 1948, Twelvetrees died of natural causes in his bathtub in a New York City hotel where he appears to have resided. The New York Times carried an obituary that listed no survivors, so despite his success with images of children, he may not have had any of his own.” Quote from the Vintage Valentine Museum

What I like about Twelvetrees is that fact that the children he draws (and he draws some animals) are very whimsical and cute. The cards often have humorous sayings about correspondence, love, and childhood. It is always a hunt to find his cards- I have been collecting National Cupids for 2 years and only have 8/12.

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  1. Alan says:

    Mini would be proud.

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